Below is a list of some of the groups’ recent publications. More publications can be found on Google Scholar.


ZCWPW1 is recruited to recombination hotspots by PRDM9, and is essential for meiotic double strand break repair

Daniel Wells, Emmanuelle Bitoun, Daniela Moralli, Gang Zhang, Anjali Gupta Hinch, Peter Donnelly, Catherine Green, Simon R Myers


A method for genome-wide genealogy estimation for thousands of samples

Leo Speidel, Marie Forest, Sinan Shi, Simon Myers

A high-resolution map of non-crossover events reveals impacts of genetic diversity on mammalian meiotic recombination

Ran Li, Emmanuelle Bitoun, Nicolas Altemose, Robert W Davies, Benjamin Davies, Simon R Myers

Unified single-cell analysis of testis gene regulation and pathology in five mouse strains

Min Jung, Daniel Wells, Janette Rusch, Suhaira Ahmed, Jonathan Marchini, Simon Myers, Donald Conrad

Fine-Scale Inference of Ancestry Segments Without Prior Knowledge of Admixing Groups

Michael Salter-Townshend, Simon Myers

Patterns of genetic differentiation and the footprints of historical migrations in the Iberian Peninsula

Clare Bycroft, Fernández-Rozadilla, Clara Ruiz-Ponte, Iéns Quintela-García, Ángel Carracedo, Peter Donnelly, Simon Myers

A map of human PRDM9 binding provides evidence for novel behaviors of PRDM9 and other zinc-finger proteins in meiosis.

Altemose N, Noor N, Bitoun E, Tumian A, Imbeault M, Chapman JR, Aricescu AR, Myers SR in Elife

Rapid genotype imputation from sequence without reference panels

Davies RW, Flint J, Myers S, Mott R Nature Genetics 10.1038/ng.3594

Re-engineering the zinc fingers of PRDM9 reverses hybrid sterility in mice.

Davies B, Hatton EW, Altemose N, Hussin JG, Pratto F, Zhang G, Hinch AG, Moralli D, Biggs D, Diaz R, Preece C, Li R, Bitoun E, Brick K, Green C, Camerini-Otero RD, Myers SR, Donnelly P. Nature, 10.1038/nature16931

Evidence for a Common Origin of Blacksmiths and Cultivators in the Ethiopian Ari within the Last 4500 Years: Lessons for Clustering-Based Inference.

van Dorp L, Balding D, Myers S, Pagani L, Tyler-Smith C, et al. (2015) PLoS Genet 11(8): e1005397. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1005397